How healthcare company Clinica Cemtro saved 112 hours in five months

Renown for its sport trauma expertise, now it was Clínica Cemtro who needed help. The medical centre faced heavy call loads in addition to wanting their website to better address patient questions and concerns. Serviceform’s time-saving Chatbots were able to solve each issue with impressive results.


CEMTRO Clinic is a General Hospital founded by the prestigious surgeon and researcher Pedro Guillén, from whom it adopts the values that make it unique: Humanity and closeness, passion for knowledge, commitment to quality, and love for work.

Although the hospital covers most medical specialities, it specialises in surgery and traumatology, specifically sports traumatology. Its international recognition, accredited by the FIFA seal, has attracted elite athletes from all over Spain and has become a reference centre for sport stars.


The main objective of Clínica Cemtro was to open a new communication channel for its users to decrease the number of calls to their call centre.

When opening this new communication channel, the first objective was to automate the cancellation of appointments through the chatbot 24/7. Secondly, for users who find themselves on the homepage, Clínica Cemtro wanted to provide better information about their services on the web in addition to answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the hospital. Finally, on doctors' pages, there was no online option to schedule appointments.

Serviceform planned and set in motion a chatbot project consisting of four unique conversation types. A chatbot was implemented on the homepage and a second on Clínica Cemtro's contact page, focused mainly on cancelling appointments. Thirdly, a chatbot was developed for the doctor pages to give information about insurance and, lastly, a fourth chatbot was placed on the hospital blog to schedule online appointments.


After 5 months from implementation of the chatbot project, 673 calls to the call centre for cancelling appointments were avoided, allowing Clínica Cemtro to save an incredible 112 hours worth of phone calls.

Indirectly, the bounce rate decreased by 12.9% and there was an increase of 40.5% in browsing time on the homepage. These results were achieved through the cumulative effect of chatbots, which translated into greater website interaction and an increase in average session time.

At the same time, 27,207 users were helped during web browsing by redirecting them to appropriate pages where they could quickly find the information they were looking for.

A tool that fits like a glove

RE/MAX is a global real estate franchise operating in more than 110 countries. In Finland, RE/MAX has 42 branches with 450 working agents. 

RE/MAX Finland has been using chatbots and other conversion tools for nearly two years. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for RE/MAX Finland, Matias Suhonen, reveals that the reason they switched to Serviceform was because RE/MAX wanted an easy-to-implement and easy-to-use solution. 

This is where Serviceform came in. Late summer 2021 saw Serviceform having conversations with RE/MAX about our conversion tools and how we could help them. 

The RE/MAX marketing unit has a clear vision when it comes to marketing goals. They have strong brand awareness and reach-related targets, but Matias said generating leads and the cost per lead was one of their most important KPIs. 

Our solutions for RE/MAX Finland

Our goal was to give them a tool that increased their lead generation while being easy to use on their end. So we built a context-driven chatbot for their homepage. This meant visitors could easily learn more about buying and selling properties through RE/MAX. 

With our contextual chatbot, we’re able to take listing descriptions as well as an agent's image and contact details to personalise the RE/MAX chatbot on each property listing page – making their customers feel like they're talking to the actual agent.

To streamline RE/MAX’s lead routing process, we also built an automated system through which the bot filters all leads by postcode and sends them to the appropriate agent in the relevant area. 

Matias said that one of the biggest pros of switching to Serviceform was how easy to use the tools were. He said from just playing around with the chatbot, he was able to start implementing even more conversion tools in time for seasonal campaigns, such as smart popups, leadbars, and dynamic forms. 

The result

Lead generation multiplied

The RE/MAX chatbot was installed in September 2021 and within 8 months of installation, they’ve multiplied their lead generation.

Matias said that the three biggest pros of Serviceform compared to their previous tools were easy implementation, good customer service, and having all the tools in one place.

“Serviceform is a combination of good support, easy-to-use tools, and quick response time,” Matias said. 

Saving 90% of your time

RE/MAX was also able to reduce their workload by 10x because they no longer had to manually sort leads and forward them to the appropriate agents. Our tool had an in-built feature to automatically do that job for them. 

Matias added that the easy-to-use nature of Serviceform tools was their biggest attraction. He said that after only one training session, he was given tool admin access and was able to intuitively play around with it, figuring out most things by himself. Whatever he needed help with, our friendly customer success managers were there to assist him.

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Real Estate Conversion Expert
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Who is RE/MAX?

RE/MAX, short for Real Estate Maximums, is a global real estate company operating in more than 110 countries. Operating as a franchise company, RE/MAX was founded in January 1973 by Dave and Gail Liniger. 

RE/MAX landed in Finland in 2006, and now there are more than 400 RE/MAX employees in the country. RE/MAX operates in more than 40 locations across Finland. 

RE/MAX deals mainly in buying and selling properties and rentals. The company was founded on a concept of maximum commission, meaning agents would keep nearly all of their commission while paying their broker a share for office expenses – rather than a share of commission on each sale.