First! Let's check your website cookies and see if you need a cookie controller

Nowadays as GDPR and CCPA are finally kicking into gear, it's ever more important to know your website and making sure you follow the latest updates. The tool will scan for the most common cookies – and only from your front page.

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Stay out of GDPR jail

Handle your data correctly, keep track of visitors' cookie selections, and use them for the right purpose.

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Add a single tag and our software will take care of your visitors' consent preferences.

We continually update our tool as regulations change and make sure to communicate those updates – so you don't have to worry about it.

Read more about cookie types

What else can our Cookie controller do:

Ask for consent from your website visitors
Make denying as easy as opting into cookies
Let your user choose from different consent groups
Translatable to any language
Keep a log of their consent
Allow users to change their preferences

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