Keep the conversation going

Once you generate a lead with bots and forms, you don’t want them to lose interest in your product by not following up. With our campaign builder, you can easily build and schedule your email or SMS campaigns without having to worry about any limitations. You can reach out to as many leads as you like!

From CRM to the Campaign builder

Generate leads
Our tools help you generate more leads. Lead generation is the first step to landing new customers. And we do that for you. 
Optimising web experience, following up with contacts, and being active on social media are key factors in lead conversion. You can do it all from our CRM.
Stay in touch
With our Campaign builder, you can follow up with and educate your leads about a product. A well-informed lead has a higher potential of converting into a customer. 

Förbättra din webbplatskonvertering med 47 %

På 6 månaders sikt fick Engel & Völkers totalt 1245 leads - i snitt 156 leads per månad.

Läs hur de etablerade en ny kommunikationskanal och förbättrade leadskvaliteten.