Serviceform Release Notes

Looking for what our development team has been up to all these days?
All the improvements and updates they do will show up here. Hopefully.

July 2022
Release 22.7
New features
  • Flex: Email sync is now live
  • Ourly: Round robin feature is live
  • Chatbot: FLOWMAP™ feature released
  • Flow statistics table released - Easily copy & paste /export your stats to excel
Bug fixes and improvements
  • Statistics API - data re-structured to provide more details
  • Flex: New and improved comment box with user tagging enabled
  • Ourly: statistics improvements
  • Free email signature creator improvements
  • Valery made margaritas
Coming soon
  • Improved Social Inbox Statistics
  • Email campaign builder

June 2022
Release 22.6
New features
  • Ourly launched
  • API for statistics: Customers can pull all their statistics from Serviceform.
  • New billing page for DIY customers
  • Free email signature builder
  • Carousel question type V1 is live in the chat builder
Bug fixes and improvements
  • Ourly: Team statistics improved
  • Ourly: Calendar sync improved
  • Our senior engineer Vanitha killed a ton of bugs
  • Flex: Add multiple assignees to one item
  • Flex: Overall improvements
Coming soon
  • Improved Social Inbox Statistics
May 2022
Release 22.5
New features
  • New DIY onboarding process
  • Ourly - Calendar statistics (Number of views, interactions and bookings)
Bug fixes and improvements
  • Ourly - Webhook support
  • Ourly - Builder is much cleaner and easier to use
  • Flex CRM improvements
  • Added reviews and review comments to Social Inbox
  • Social inbox improvements
  • Benjamin went to a dog show
Coming soon
  • Free email signature builder
  • Carousel builder
April 2022
Release 22.4
New features
  • You can now receive leads as an SMS
Bug fixes and improvements
  • Social inbox search filter improved
  • Social inbox - Facebook comments and comment replies
  • Ourly meeting scheduler - CSS box added for advance customization
  • Ourly meeting scheduler - Copy calendar templates from master user
  • Ourly meeting scheduler - Overall improvements
  • CRM internally released. Now available for the entire Serviceform team! 
  • Chatbot preview background image uploader has a free hand cropper now
  • Added button to remove uploaded logo’s, avatar’s and other images.
Coming soon
  • Carousel question type in the DIY chatbot builder

March 2022
Release 22.3
  • Web hook fields now support two web hooks. (Chatbots and forms)
  • Added timezone dropdown for the Calendar
  • Social inbox: Now you can upload and send files to your Facebook messenger conversations
  • Added an "Install tool" button to all tool builders to easily publish the tools
  • Improved and cleaned the statistics breakdown UI
February 2022
Release 22.2
  • Added option to add custom live chat notification sounds
  • You can also loop the live chat notification sound until an agent join
  • Hide live chat text area in the chatbot based on agent availability
  • Chatbot builder: Email subject field now support tags (e.g #question2, #token4 etc)
  • Chatbot builder: Button to disable the options in the popup on mobile
  • Chatbot builder: added option to hide the popup of the chatbot if it’s closed once (Will be hidden for 12 hrs)
January 2022
Release 22.1
  • Fixed issues with application not allowing multiple images and uploads
  • Live chats and bot discussions can now be sent as email copies
  • Insights speed improvements and caching
September 2021
Release 21.9
  • Major changes - moved to under for scalability
  • Note: This might cause some issues with custom integrations and our team is working hard to prevent this from happening
  • New forward facing website is released
  • Our helpdesk is released at
August 2021
Release 21.8
  • Fixed issues with livechat notification sounds
  • Fixed issues with livechat scrolling
  • Improved livechat search
  • Added custom JS functionalityt for forms
  • Prevented new users from releasing forms before approval - due to phishing

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