December 14, 2023

Top 7 best meeting scheduling software in 2023

What's the meeting tool that can make booking an appointment as simple as just saying, ‘See you at 10'? Click here to find out.
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Nimesha Buvanendran
What's the meeting tool that can make booking an appointment as simple as just saying, ‘See you at 10'? Click here to find out.

Most of us may think that scheduling an appointment is as simple as ‘Meet you at 10’. But in real life, it just isn’t that easy. It’s a complicated process of endless emails, texts, and calls. Sounds stressful, right? Well, it wouldn’t be any more as we’re going to reveal to you the best meeting scheduling software that can reduce the mess and stress of your life.

What’s a meeting scheduling software?

The majority of scheduling software allows you to link your own calendar, automatically determine your availability, and enable other people to select the time slot inside your schedule that best suits both of you. In a matter of a few clicks, your visitors can schedule a meeting in a free time slot.

No more back-and-forth. The appointment scheduling process is automated and synced to your calendar. Now you can finally say goodbye to meeting nightmares as your meetings won't conflict with other things in your schedule.

But here comes the tricky part: Finding the best meeting scheduling software for your business. Well, you can leave that to us. We’ve curated a list of the best scheduling apps for businesses so you don’t have to spend your time finding just the right one.

     1. Google Calendar - Best for cross-platform integration 

If you have a Gmail account (like everyone else on the planet!), you already have this free scheduling assistant. All you have to do is add your visitors and click when creating an event and voilà! Google Calendar's Find-a-Time tool goes one step further by looking at the schedules of your team members and determining the time that works best for everyone. 

With free access and convenience, meetings with family, friends, or coworkers can be planned with ease. And this tool works perfectly with Google’s extended family tree of apps and services. It also displays participants’ calendars side by side and suggests mutually convenient times for meetings.

Top 7 best meeting scheduling software in 2023: Google Calendar
Top 7 best meeting scheduling software in 2023: Google Calendar

      2. Ourly- Best for big teams and quality lead generation 

With Ourly you can have meetings on your own terms. It’s also available in 50+ languages, a feature provided by no other scheduling app. Ourly not only integrates with Office 365 and Google but also with your website’s chatbots, forms, and popups. And with Ourly you can do much more than just book meetings. 

It has cool features like creating your own email signature with an embedded link so contacts can book meetings directly. Impressively, Ourly also provides you with a customisable QR code so you can share your contact details with anyone in a snap.

With ready-made industry templates for real estate, automotive and education industries, you can always be prepared to plan a meeting at any time with an infinite number of events and active event types. You can also enjoy team scheduling with a round-robin for dynamic lead management.

Top 7 best meeting scheduling software in 2023: Ourly meeting scheduler
Top 7 best meeting scheduling software in 2023: Ourly meeting scheduler

And that’s not all. There’s a lot more about Ourly that you can click here and read.

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    3. Chili Piper - Best for lifecycle automation of leads  

Chili Piper is great for automated scheduling, making setting up meetings simple. Chili Piper has several characteristics that are both unique and essential to sales teams. The best way to organise your team and increase productivity is to schedule meetings easily, successfully manage no-shows, create meeting buffers, reserve time slots where needed on your calendar, and make simple meeting rescheduling an option. It also captures and packages current data about any given lead, enabling scheduling a meeting with that lead an effective and personal experience.

Top 7 best meeting scheduling software in 2023: Chili Piper
Top 7 best meeting scheduling software in 2023: Chili Piper

And that’s not all. Read our detailed analysis on Ourly vs Chili Piper.

      4. Calendly - Best for small teams

Calendly is undoubtedly the best all-around meeting app for personal use and small teams. Calendly interacts with your Google and Office 365 calendars to determine your availability. You can set up options for the many meeting formats they offer, send out an email with a link indicating your availability, or simply choose the date and time of the meeting. A new event is added to the invitee's calendar as well. Thanks to its accessible design, others can also request meetings based on availability.

Top 7 best meeting scheduling software in 2023: Calendly
Top 7 best meeting scheduling software in 2023: Calendly

Want to know if Ourly or Calendly is more suitable for you? Then click here for a more detailed analysis.

        5.Hubspot’s Meeting tools - Best for sales teams 

Just like instant coffee, Hubspot's free meeting tools help you instantly book one-on-one or group meetings. As a result, time is saved and you’re relieved from the hassle of finding a convenient meeting time. Its straightforward page layout for booking features a calendar showing your available time(s), allowing others to book a slot conveniently. Want to have a meeting across continents? By automatically syncing with everyone's time zones, this free meeting calendar makes organising meetings across time zones easy peasy.

Top 7 best meeting scheduling software in 2023: Hubspot's meeting tools
Top 7 best meeting scheduling software in 2023: Hubspot's meeting tools

       6. - Best for team collaboration 

The straightforward motto of this tool is "You can book me, but my team comes first". Your team is given priority by the scheduling tool as it enables you to start the meeting by including your team. The characteristics of the meeting can then be further customised. You can set up booking forms and integrate them within your calendar as well as manage the calendars of every member of your staff. Additionally, it enables you to alter the style, colour scheme, and logo of your booking page. Last but not least, on each booking page, you can create separate booking spaces for the different meetings you want your visitors to reserve a space for. If you require additional tools, you can leverage advanced time management software to enhance the efficiency of your tasks.

Top 7 best meeting scheduling software in 2023:
Top 7 best meeting scheduling software in 2023:

      7. - Best for consultants is designed with busy consultants, sales and marketing teams in mind. But really anyone who needs to schedule appointments efficiently is their target audience.

With, you set up a simple, customisable booking page or widget on your website, making it easy for clients to schedule appointments at a time that works for both of you. You can also choose a few meeting slots and paste them into an email, conveniently letting clients choose their time slot directly in the email message. If you’re big on email for customer communication, this is a great option for you. It's perfect for sharing PDFs as a link, along with other relevant media! offers a range of features that help you streamline your scheduling process, like video meetings, buffer times, and notification setup to remind you and your clients about upcoming meetings. You can also invite others to join your meetings and even schedule group bookings. offers a Free Forever package for individuals, making it easy to try out. Take a look yourself and explore’s meeting scheduling system.

Top 7 best meeting scheduling software in 2023:
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But which one is the best for you? Well, that depends on your business. 

If you are looking for a scheduling software exclusively for your sales team, then Chili Piper or are undoubtedly good options for you. 

For startups or businesses that are on a budget, we highly recommend Google Calendar and Hubspot Meeting tools as go-to options.

But if you want an affordable app, one that helps you stay true to your brand with customisable options and offers all-in-one complete solutions, then Ourly Meeting Scheduler is ideal for you.

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